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ASA has as its main property weatherability, mainly resulting from the oxidation of sunlight combined with atmospheric light, which causes yellowness in other polymers and makes them brittle if it has no antioxidant or anti-UV additive.

The main applications of ASA are those with extreme exposure to weathering: garden pieces such as chairs, benches, mailboxes, shutters, gutters and so on. Besides the excellent weather resistance and high thermal stability, the ASA also has a good chemical resistance.

ASA is available in the market with types for the process of blowing, extrusion and injection. There are also blends of polycarbonate, PVC and AES, to highlight specific properties.

- Excellent weather resistance
- High thermal stability
- Good chemical resistance

Mirror housings, parts of washing machines, outdoor antennas, sailboats, gutters, tiles.
Mirror housings
Parts of washing machines
Outdoor antennas

Melting point:
~392°F (~200°C)

Glass transition (Tg):
Elastomeric phase: -51°F (-46°C)
Glass matrix phase: 234°F (112°C)

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Article posted in Mar 7, 2014
About the author: Daniel Tietz Roda is Plastics Technologist graduated from the FATEC/ZL and Mechanical Design Technician from ETEC Aprígio Gonzaga, in São Paulo, Brazil. Roda worked 5 years with technical assistance and development of plastics in industries and nowadays is the publisher of this website.
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