Identifying a plastics by the trade name

You, plastics salesperson, has visited and looked at the packaging of other suppliers trying to figure out what materials were they?

And you who are on the factory floor, was already racking your brain to find out what is that missing bag in stock?

Are you a businessman and want a name for your material?

Your problems are over! I present a guide that shows how manufacturers tend to name their products.

Well, actually it does not apply to all manufacturers... But either way it already helps in identification.

Polyethylene Cosmothene
Polyethylene and Polypropylene

The nomenclature tends to originate in the material name in English (polyethylene and polypropylene).

Termination –ene or –thene

Examples: Bapolene®, Cosmothene®, Certene™, Duralene.

Polystyrene e Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

The nomenclature stems from the styrene monomer.

Termination –rene or terminated/prefixed by styrol or stirol

Examples: Palstyrol®, Polystyrol, Solarene, Stirofor®, Stirol, Stirolan, StyroCal™, Styrolution.

ABS Tairilac

Many manufacturers use the ending "lac", while others use the prefix "ter" from terpolymer.

Termination –lac or prefix ter-

Examples: Cycolac*, Dialac®, Greenlac, Hylac®, Lastilac, Polylac®, Santac®, Tairilac, Taitalac®, Tekulac, Terluran, Toyolac®, Trilac.

Polyacetal Hostaform

Manufacturers usually base the name of their polyacetals in its monomer, formaldehyde.

Termination –tal, -form, -con; or prefixed by form-

Examples: Astatal™, Celcon®, Delrin®, Deniform, Duracon, Ekatal®, Ensital®, Formax®, Formpoly, Germaform, Hostaform®, Isotal*, Iupital®, Kepital®, Kocetal®, Niform, Novaform, Optital, Palform®, Poliform, Polyform, Ramtal, Razatal®, Saxaform™, Schulaform®, Sniatal®, Tarnoform®, Tekuform, Ultraform®, Unital®.

Polyamide Mazmid

Termination –mid, -nyl or –on.

Examples: Armamid®, Badamid®, Daunyl, Denyl, Devlon, Econyl, Fostamid™, Germamid, Heramid®, Hylon®, Kelon®, Latamid®, Mazmid, Nylamid, Optamid®, Pentamid, Radilon®, Scanamid, Technyl, Ultramid®, Vestamid®, Wellamid®.

PC/ABS Bayblend

Generally blends have termination –loy or –blend.


Acculoy™ (PC/PET)

Anjablend (PC/PBT)

Astaloy™ (PC/PBT)

Bayblend® (PC/ABS)

Deniblend (PC/PBT)

Electrablend® (PC/PET)

Novalloy (PC/PBT)

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Article posted in Apr 22, 2014
About the author: Daniel Tietz Roda is Plastics Technologist graduated from the FATEC/ZL and Mechanical Design Technician from ETEC Aprígio Gonzaga, in São Paulo, Brazil. Roda worked 5 years with technical assistance and development of plastics in industries and nowadays is the publisher of this website.
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